"Núcleo Artérias beyond arts frontiers"
"APCA (Paulista Art Critics Association) of dance criaton: Fronteiras Móveis (Mobile Frontiers)"

Fronteiras Móveis/ Mobile Frontiers

Fronteiras Móveis (Mobile Frontiers) discusses instability, fear and insecurity under the perspective of the body. How fear transform our presence and our relationships? What are the limits between reality and imagination, visibility and invisibility of the body? Each Fronteiras Móveis performer deals with different simultaneos attentional focus, provoking successive body instabilities from the stage camera interference.
The video images captured and manipulated (resignified) in real time play the part of control and vigilance, creating at the same time new problems for the performers: how to control, to avoid and to react to their own visibility?

Núcleo Artérias

Núcleo Artérias is in Sao Paulo (Brazil), it is formed by dance, video and music professionals. Discusses contemporary world issues like instability, uncertainty, consumerism and spectacularization. It investigates how these subjects inscribe on the body. Reorganizing fragments of movements, images and sounds, the group proposes other meanings, other perceptions. During the last years the group has received many prizes, three of them from the APCA (Paulista Art Critics Association) and they have performanced in more than 30 cities. Núcleo Artérias is directed by Adriana Grechi, choreographer graduated from S.N.D.O (Amsterdam). The real time video editing research is made by video artist Rodrigo Gontijo.

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